Writing a book report or book review: what’s the difference?

Many students who at least once needed to write a book review were stumped by the question related to the structure of this paper. What is the main distinction between writing a book review and book report? Today, the experts at our service kindly share with you bits of their professional knowledge:

  • Writing book review means the literary discourse and is perceptual (interpretive, imaginative, fictional) while writing book reports represents a scientific style of thinking and is conceptual, factual (based on facts). Both types of papers, however, are required to convey a verifiable and valuable message.
  • Scientific discourse must be free of literary affectations. Is a neutral and transparent instrument, whereas book review writers can allow themselves to display emotional side of things.
  • Scientists generally consider their writings and investigative works as separate and different products. They perceive the relationship between researching and writing merely as the representation and reflection of a scientific method. At the same time, book review writing does not require so insipid an approach.
  • A scientific article or book report writer base their assumptions on the following idea: science is objective and impersonal. In literary writing, on the other hand, a writer is a tailor who takes the liberty of defining matters of elegance.

How to find an opportunity to buy book reports

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Our highly experienced writers know what distinguishes the language of science. We specialize in book report writing and are able to make the paper as transparent and neutral as possible, approaching the scientific or humanitarian perspective of the source reviewed.

Our researchers generate ideas and create the linguistic and conceptual framework. From the point of view of students who write a book report, this should be done bearing in mind the circumstances that motivate them to write. That is to say, we create the reports in a way that catches your tutor's attention.

How to get book report help

Do you want to accomplish the review/report all by yourself? Here are some simple and quite useful techniques to generate/clarify ideas:

  • Concentrate on the topic and write down everything you can think of (so-called brainstorming).
  • Explore the subject through questions about the what, how, who, when, why, how, why...
  • Study the topic from various angles: describe, analyze, define, compare. Finally, look if it could be applied and properly discussed.
  • Identify keywords as words that carry a big informative load.
  • Classify the ideas generated in the beginning in order to establish their relevance, clarity and quantity. Proceed to sorting them by asking questions such as: Which idea is more important? What are the secondary ideas? Which ideas have something in common? What ideas can be considered as fragments of the main idea? Which ideas would better serve for the introduction and which for the end of the text?
  • Outline the ideogram or conceptual map: it is a visual way of representing thoughts, graphically associated with the concepts and ideas that will be developed in the text. The map helps you differentiate the most important ideas, thus favoring the organization of writing.

All this is pretty confusing for a young learner, isn't it? Writing book reviews can be pretty tough in the beginning that is why it is recommended to get acquainted with well-written samples first. If you want to avoid all these complications simply buy book reviews from us and enjoy the time we have freed for you!

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